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Glenn Branca, #13 Symphony for 100 Guitars, excerpt


Neon Hunk

weird spastic electronics from Scrape and Pry

I'd Like to Stab You in the Fucking Eye

more from Scrape and Pry

05.28.01, v2.xviii 11:30 pm...

Christopher X. Brodeur

His historic mayoral announcement.

Charles Cohen, David Lee Myers and Maenad

From Recess at the Alterknit stage

Kytti Corn3r

meet the girl with something extra! it's Polly! the newest cat-member of the xNYtv staff!

04.30.01, v2.xvii 11:30 pm...

Liquid Tapedeck (fast forward flood)

If death is the answer, what was the question?

Charles Cohen, David Lee Myers and Maenad

From last Tuesday's Recess at the Alterknit stage

New Grounds

the place for weird flash stuff. MahatmaGandhi and crazy faces

03.26.01, v2.XII 11:30 pm...

extreme video!

Stackable Thumb

Benton C Bainbridge

weird, beautiful, funny... You can buy Benton's new video, Blind Heat, now available on VHS and DVD! Go to blind media for more info... AND WAIT! There's more! Benton's other new video, Exotic Robotix at Pleasure141X is availavble from atmospherex...

next week; 4.2.01

The 4 Train Party with The Hungry March Band!!click here

03.19.01, v2.XI 11:30 pm...

P.E.T.A Bad Cats PSA

Robot cats having sex! it's so very very wrong!.

Charles Cohen

Strange magic from Charles.


Did you know that Dr. Hurtz has a superpower? what might it be? tune in and find out...

Handheld Soundsystem

I love the sound of tweaking glass.

03.5.01, v2.XI 11:30 pm...

All Your Base

strangeness or genius? you decide.


Did you know that Dr. Hurtz has a superpower? what might it be? tune in and find out...

Gersh, Geluso, Cohen and Naphtali

From Recess at the Alterknit Stage--taped late February!

february 26, v2.x 11:30 pm...

Liquid Tapedeck

Math Jokes attempts a foreign language with the help of cue cards.

Kings County Queens

Say goodnight, Daria...

Tom Ritchford

You could have seen this show live, if you hadn't been so caught up in the World Series...

february 12, v2.viii 11:30 pm...

Liquid Tapedeck

The historic performace on 42nd Street. How will the tourists react to Fist Mike?

Tom Ritchford and Lukas Ligeti

Parked in a box in Williamsburg.

Matt Ostrowski

from Dec 2K Unity Gain.

february 5, v2.7 11:30 pm...

Handheld Soundsystem

I love the sound of tweaking glass.

Kings County Queens

Fourteen tons will crush you! You better sing, sing, sing...

Kaspar Toeplitz

from Dec 2K Unity Gain.

v2.4//1.15.01 ...

Kid Lucky and Tom Ritchford

from December's Unity Gain performance.

Kings County Queens

in the middle of a snowstorm, the sweet scent of magnolias. pass me a beer in which to cry. if Patsy K lived in 21st century Williamsburg, she'd want to be a KCQ.

Melpomene W.

a very short untitled piece about wombats.

v1.12 (12/11)

Unity Gain 12.06.00

performances frm the last Unity Gain in the 20th century!
Kid Lucky and Tom Ritchford
Matthew Ostrowski
Kaspar Toeplitz

v1.11 (12/4)

Stackable Thumb

two more Stackable Thumb videos: Foulmouth Rotorations and Grant Me The Krammerchuck by Naval Cassidy and Valued Cu$tomer . Also catch the Benton Bainbridge's Triggers series on the video jukebox at The Kitchen in December

Melpomene W.

more stories from Melpomene Whitehead: Fall and It's a Beautiful Day.

v1.10 (11/27)

Stackable Thumb

One digit atop another, and another, and another... like a game of jenga! Fits of giggles and giggles at fitness in "White Bait Run On" and a honey of a bear in "5 Stoics" From Benton Bainbridge's Stackable Thumb series. Also catch the Triggers series on the video jukebox at The Kitchen in December

Melpomene W.

What happened to Melpomene W. on East 9th street? And why did it remind her of margarine?

Lukas Ligeti and Tom Ritchford

The handy handsonic, the melodious balaphone, Lukas Ligeti and Tom Ritchford in a Parker's Box.

v1.9 (11.20)

World of Tomorrow

They promised us push-button dinners and saucy robots. Or was that...? Spacy improv with Bonnie Kane: sax, Cliff Ferdon: Drums, Mr Starry Night: Bass & Tim Byrnes: Trumpet, and special guest sax player Blaise Siwula from C.O.M.A.

The Liquid Tapedeck

A man, a plan, a theremin... wait, that's no palindrome, that's Math Jokes and Peter Etcetera!

Charles Cohen

A Buchla is a Buchla is a Buchla. Alice B. Toklas provides brownies for all. From Bunker:Extreme in late 10/2K.

Planetary Commission

recognizable snatches of sounds burst over thick chains of twisted samples.

v1.8 (11.13)

Planetary Commission

Yes, they're busy with their official solar system assignments, but they were kind enough to send one member down to Bunker: Extreme. Other-worldly electronic music for h. sapiens


From July 2000 at Bunker: Extreme, which explains the tube top.


You'll get weak in the knees when Piss Promise sings.

v1.5 (10/23)

World of Tomorrow

Cacophonous? The sound of one trumpet clapping. See special guest sax player Blaise Siwula from C.O.M.A. along with "regulars" (haha) Bonnie Kane: sax, Cliff Ferdon: Drums, Mr Starry Night: Bass & Tim Byrnes: Trumpet.

Jeremy Slater and Tom Ritchford

C'mon, you were too cheap to come to a free show?. See a little of what you missed.

Radiskull and Devil Doll

Radiskull likes his cawfee boiling hot--keeps his vocal chords nice and gruff... and where are his vocal chords anyway? Devil Doll kicks it.

Extreme NY TV:


The Liquid Tapedeck

Shall we? why of course! Let's light Joan Rivers on fire. Of course we're not advocating violence. You should speak with Math Jokes and Peter Etcetera about that.


Dr. Gustave Hurtz reads his mail. Things can get quite messy at the inner sanctum of Las Vegas showmen Sigfried and Roy, and Dr. Hurtz lets you know all about it. Then, more songs about bodily fluids and outer space. Piss Promise promises to sing.

flashy cartoons

go on a weekend pussy hunt with John Kricfalusi, creator of ren and stimpy, then get ground to a whim in A Frank Adventure by Jim Woodring.

Betty's Trash

Who is Betty? You get to see her trash on display when Angel rips off James's pants. Hide your eyes!


Tom Ritchford and Lukas Ligeti

Musical Loops: excerpted from a two-hour+ improvisation at Parker's Box in Williamsburg. Among the instruments, Lukas plays the balaphone, a West African melodic percussive instrument, and Tom unveils his new Handsonic.

Tongue Twines Treble

real-time video art by Benton Bainbridge, from the Triggers series. You can see all 5 dozen Triggers videos at the Kitchen on the video jukebox in December.

o blaat

recorded Summer 2000 at Unity Gain in Williamsburg. The delicate and mysterious music may remind you of medical procedures, if you've been abducted by aliens.


recorded Summer 2000 at Bunker:Extreme at the Knitting Factory. In the dark, a man looks through his record collection, spins things backwards and forwards. Is the Russian translation of Strawberry Fields 'a track of potatoes'?

vol 1, no 2: October 2


Satan's favorite band from Essen, Germany perform their classics "Clone Boner" and "You've Got A Friend in Hell," and the new "Girl's Night Out."


recorded prior to the historic bust-up July 2000 at Unity Gain @ Galapagos in picaresque Williamsburg. Kid Lucky as the BeatBox 2K, Tom Ritchford loops and layers an electronic angelic glee club. Did you know Homer Simpson sang in the choir before his voice changed?


cables, synths, a theramin, and two eager young men producing slithering sounds guaranteed to become the soundtrack to future dreams and nightmares.

(Put Me) Up Within

a video from real-time cinema artist Benton Bainbridge. What is that thing? See it and draw your own conclusions! From the Triggers series, which you can see in toto (all 5 dozen!) December 7-23 at The Kitchen

And your hostrix, the melancholic Melpomene.

vol 1, no. 1: September 25

performances by:

The Liquid Tapedeck

Tom Ritchford

Betty's Trash

Two Poles Balk at Lathe video by Benton Bainbridge

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