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What is extreme NY?

We're a cooperative of live musicians and composers.

We are the negative image of a record label, an antilabel. Our goal is to render the standard record company model obsolete by allowing musicians the ability to disseminate and sell their own material themselves.

The bands...





Action Adventure Systems
Alien Planetscapes
Born To Go
CBF FM II Orchestra
Friends of Mescalito
gal & Mandy Morrison
JFK Jr. Royal Airforce
Land of Guilt and Blarney
Thundering Lizards
W.O.O. Revelator
World of Tomorrow
Abreaction Theatre

Feel free to send your experiences and thoughts to [email protected].

the radio station?

I'd like to buy one of your CDs.

Please send email to [email protected]. You can get the album titles from some of the mp3 players, if you're fast enough (see "dawn of the internet age" above for the standard apology here.) We'll soon have a nice catalogue where you can see the album covers, hear the material, and generally hang out.

We use the excellent service named which lets anyone accept credit card billings for no cost. (Prediction: this sort of service will replace money soon). Click here to register and get a free $5 for both of us.

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